LGD820 D820 Black
LG Replacement Parts
Model Number
D820 Black
LG Electronics Inc. is a South Korean multinational electronics company that manufactures electronics, appliances and mobile devices with innovative technology and designs. LG comprises four business units: Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications, Home Appliance & Air Solutions. LGs philosophy revolves around people, sincerity, and sticking to the fundamentals. It is to understand our customers and to offer optimum solutions and new experiences through ceaseless innovation, thus helping our customers lead better lives. LG Electronics has unveiled many new products, applied new technologies in the form of mobile devices and digital TVs in the 21st century and continues to reinforce its status as a global company.

Part List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemand
EAY63208601LG Adapters [Aus3bk]
EAY63208602LG Adapters [Aus3bk]
ACQ86691001LG Battery Cover Assembly [Aus3bk]
ACQ86691003LG Battery Cover Assembly [Aus3rd]
LG Battery Cover Assembly [Ausgwh]
CRM31080401LG Battery Cover Assembly, Refurbished Mechanical Parts [Aus3bk]
CRM31180201LG Battery Cover Assembly, Refurbished Mechanical Parts [Aus3rd]
CRM31180101LG Battery Cover Assembly, Refurbished Mechanical Parts [Ausgwh]
ABA74628601LG Bracket Assembly [Aus3wh]
MBG64868301LG Button, Side [Aus3bk]
MBG64868401LG Button, Side [Aus3bk]
EAD62611801LG Cable, Assembly [Aus3bk]
EAD62630701LG Cable, Assembly [Aus3bk]
EAD62630801LG Cable, Assembly [Aus3bk]
EBP61822201LG Camera Module [Aus3bk]
EBP61901701LG Camera Module [Aus3bk]
CRM31440101LG Camera Module, Refurbished Mechanical Parts [Aus3bk]
CRM31519601LG Camera Module, Refurbished Mechanical Parts [Aus3bk]
ABM74037301LG Can Assembly, Shield [Aus3bk]
ABM74037401LG Can Assembly, Shield [Aus3bk]
MBK63494301LG Can, Shield [Aus3bk]
MBK63515501LG Can, Shield [Aus3bk]
MBK63515601LG Can, Shield [Aus3bk]
ABN73979802LG Cap Assembly [Aus3bk]
ABN73979803LG Cap Assembly [Aus3rd]
ABN73979801LG Cap Assembly [Ausgwh]
MBL65545401LG Cap [Aus3bk]
MBL65545501LG Cap [Aus3bk]
MBM64120801LG Card [Aavcbk]
EAY62968603LG Charger, Battery [Aus3bk]
MBV62561601LG Clip [Aus3bk]
MBV62562301LG Clip [Aus3bk]
ENBY0057001LG Connector, Btob [Aus3bk]
EAG63412001LG Connector, Rf [Aus3bk]
LG Cover Assembly, Front [Aus3bk]
ACQ86661452LG Cover Assembly, Front [Aus3bk]
ACQ87049801LG Cover Assembly, Front [Aus3bk]
ACQ86661403LG Cover Assembly, Front [Aus3rd]
ACQ87049802LG Cover Assembly, Front [Aus3rd]
ACQ86661401LG Cover Assembly, Front [Ausgwh]
ACQ86661451LG Cover Assembly, Front [Ausgwh]
CRD32054301LG Cover Assembly, Front, Refurbished Display Parts [Aus3bk]
CRM31219501LG Cover Assembly, Front, Refurbished Mechanical Parts [Aus3bk]
ACQ86690801LG Cover Assembly, Rear [Aus3bk]
CRM31199801LG Cover Assembly, Rear, Refurbished Mechanical Parts [Aus3bk]
EAW62063901LG Crystal [Aus3bk]
MCQ67465801LG Damper [Aus3bk]
MCQ67375801LG Damper, Motor [Ausgbk]
EAM62630701LG Filter, Bead [Aus3bk]
EAM62633801LG Filter, Bead [Aus3bk]
EAM62690501LG Filter, Ceramic [Aus3bk]
EAM62691501LG Filter, Ceramic [Aus3bk]
EAM62514001LG Filter, Duplexer [Aus3bk]
EAM62632601LG Filter, Duplexer [Aus3bk]
EAM62930201LG Filter, Duplexer [Aus3bk]
EAM62930901LG Filter, Duplexer [Aus3bk]
EAM62931001LG Filter, Duplexer [Aus3bk]
EAM62790201LG Filter, Lcr [Aus3bk]
EAM62471201LG Filter, Saw [Aus3bk]
EAM62790501LG Filter, Saw [Aus3bk]
EAM62890401LG Filter, Saw [Aus3bk]
EAM62732101LG Filter, Separator [Aus3bk]
EAM62690801LG Filter, Separator, Switch [Aus3bk]
EAM62730001LG Filter, Separator, Switch [Aus3bk]
EAM62730101LG Filter, Separator, Switch [Aus3bk]
MDS64414101LG Gasket [Aus3bk]
MDS64242001LG Gasket [Aus3wh]
MDS64490601LG Gasket [Aus3wh]
MDS64452901LG Gasket [Ausgbk]
MEV64636101LG Insulator [Ausgbk]
MEV64636201LG Insulator [Ausgbk]
LG Jack, Phone [Aus3bk]
MEZ65468701LG Label, Approval [Aus3rd]
AFN76233901LG Manual Assembly, Operation [Aavcbk]
EAB62911301LG Microphone, Condenser [Aus3bk]
EAT61875501LG Module, Assembly [Aus3bk]
EAT61875701LG Module, Fem(front End Module) [Aus3bk]
EAT61875801LG Module, Fem(front End Module) [Aus3bk]
EAT61914101LG Module, Fem(front End Module) [Aus3bk]
EAT61793601LG Module, Rx Module [Aus3bk]
EBR77504001LG Pcb Assembly, Flexible [Aus3bk]
EBR77494910LG Pcb Assembly, Main [Aavcbk]
EBR79120201LG Pcb Assembly, Main [Aavcrd]
EBR77494912LG Pcb Assembly, Main [Aavcwh]
EBR79441101LG Pcb Assembly, Main [Accawh]
EBR77494907LG Pcb Assembly, Main [Asprbk]
EBR77494913LG Pcb Assembly, Main [Asprwh]
EBR77494905LG Pcb Assembly, Main [Aus3bk]
EBR78904601LG Pcb Assembly, Main [Aus3rd]
EBR77494915LG Pcb Assembly, Main [Aus3wh]
EBR77494901LG Pcb Assembly, Main [Ausgbk]
EBR78883201LG Pcb Assembly, Main [Ausgrd]
EBR77494916LG Pcb Assembly, Main [Ausgwh]
CRB33632101LG Pcb Assembly, Main, Refurbished Board [Aavcbk]
CRB34043701LG Pcb Assembly, Main, Refurbished Board [Aavcrd]
CRB33724601LG Pcb Assembly, Main, Refurbished Board [Aavcwh]
CRB34158901LG Pcb Assembly, Main, Refurbished Board [Accawh]
CRB33632201LG Pcb Assembly, Main, Refurbished Board [Asprbk]
CRB33724701LG Pcb Assembly, Main, Refurbished Board [Asprwh]
CRB33687901LG Pcb Assembly, Main, Refurbished Board [Aus3bk]
CRB33689801LG Pcb Assembly, Main, Refurbished Board [Aus3bk]
CRB33904901LG Pcb Assembly, Main, Refurbished Board [Aus3rd]
CRB33724801LG Pcb Assembly, Main, Refurbished Board [Aus3wh]
CRB33671001LG Pcb Assembly, Main, Refurbished Board [Ausgbk]
CRB33905001LG Pcb Assembly, Main, Refurbished Board [Ausgrd]
CRB33724901LG Pcb Assembly, Main, Refurbished Board [Ausgwh]
EBR77484301LG Pcb Assembly, Sub [Aus3bk]
MGJ63686801LG Plate [Aus3bk]
CRU30140001LG Reused Parts [Aus3bk]
FAB32119401LG Screw, Machine [Accabk]
MHR62533231LG Sleeve, Box [Aus3bk]
MHR62533201LG Sleeve, Box [Ausgbkg]
EAB62971501LG Speaker Module [Aus3bk]
CRM31499701LG Speaker Module, Refurbished Mechanical Parts [Aus3bk]
MJN68588201LG Tape [Aus3bk]
MJN68637401LG Tape [Aus3bk]
MJN68484201LG Tape [Aus3wh]
MJN68539101LG Tape [Aus3wh]
MJN68567701LG Tape [Aus3wh]
MJN68523801LG Tape, Protect [Aus3bk]
MJN68523802LG Tape, Protect [Aus3bk]
MJN68587401LG Tape, Protect [Aus3bk]
MJN68632601LG Tape, Protect [Aus3bk]
MJN68632603LG Tape, Protect [Ausgrd]
MJN68632602LG Tape, Protect [Ausgwh]
MAY65777515LG Unit Box [Aavcbk]
MAY65777516LG Unit Box [Aavcbk]