VX11000 Env Touch
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Env Touch
LG Electronics Inc. is a South Korean multinational electronics company that manufactures electronics, appliances and mobile devices with innovative technology and designs. LG comprises four business units: Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications, Home Appliance & Air Solutions. LGs philosophy revolves around people, sincerity, and sticking to the fundamentals. It is to understand our customers and to offer optimum solutions and new experiences through ceaseless innovation, thus helping our customers lead better lives. LG Electronics has unveiled many new products, applied new technologies in the form of mobile devices and digital TVs in the 21st century and continues to reinforce its status as a global company.

Part List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemand
ACMY0007201LG Camera Assemly
ACKA0010501LG Can Assemly, Shield
MCCZ0030001LG Cap
MCCG0016401LG Cap, Multimedia Card
MCCE0046501LG Cap, Receptacle
MCCH0139201LG Cap, Screw
MCCH0139401LG Cap, Screw
MCCH0139501LG Cap, Screw
MCCH0139601LG Cap, Screw
MCCH0142201LG Cap, Screw
MCCH0142401LG Cap, Screw
ENY0042501LG Connector, To
ACGG0095804LG Cover Assemly, Folder
ACGH0055501LG Cover Assemly, Folder(lower)
ACGH0055502LG Cover Assemly, Folder(lower)
ACGJ0072901LG Cover Assemly, Folder(upper)
ACGK0123701LG Cover Assemly, Front
ACGM0122001LG Cover Assemly, Rear
ACGM0122002LG Cover Assemly, Rear
ACGY0000901LG Cover Assy, Ems
ACGH0055501RLG Cover Assy, Folder(lower)
ACGK0123701RLG Cover Assy, Front
ACGM0122001RLG Cover Assy, Rear
MPU0071001LG Damper, Connector
MPF0037901LG Damper, Flexile Pc
MPF0045601LG Damper, Flexile Pc
MPG0084501LG Damper, Lcd
MPG0095701LG Damper, Lcd
MPG0096501LG Damper, Lcd
MPM0026301LG Damper, Receiver
MPN0074801LG Damper, Speaker
MDAD0041001LG Decor, Camera
ADCA0089601LG Dome Assemly, Metal
MF0028701LG Filter, Receiver
MFC0047001LG Filter, Speaker
MFC0051101LG Filter, Speaker
EUSY0362902LG Ic
EUSY0386501LG Ic, Analog Switch
EUSY0369501LG Ic, Audio Su System
EUSY0366801LG Ic, Hu Ridge Controller
EUSY0378101LG Ic, Mcp, Nand
EUSY0227205LG Ic, Mm Pmic
EUSY0360601LG Ic, Pmic
EUSY0370301LG Ic, Su Pmic
ENJE0007401LG Jack, Phone
JAY0023984LG Jig
JAY0023985LG Jig
JAY0024005LG Jig
JAY0024034LG Jig
JAY0024039LG Jig
JAY0024040LG Jig
JAY0024041LG Jig
RAD32167824LG Jig
RAD32167833LG Jig
SVLM0031201RLG Lcd Module
SVLM0031201LG Lcd, Module-tft
SPP0027201LG Moile Phone Attery Li-polymer
EXSY0024601LG Oscillator
MEF0121831LG Ox, Unit
SACY0094101LG Pc Assemly, Flexile
SACY0094301LG Pc Assemly, Flexile
SACY0094302LG Pc Assemly, Flexile
SAFY0296201LG Pc Assemly, Main
SAKY0008101LG Pc Assemly, Sidekey
APEY0693901LG Phone Assemly
APEY0693902LG Phone Assemly
SNMF0048501LG Pifa Antenna, Gps
SNMF0048601LG Pifa Antenna, Rf
MPFZ0034801LG Plate
MFZ0032701LG Racket
MFF0022101LG Racket, Lcd
SPP0028101LG Rechargeale Attery, Lithium Polymer
SUSY0028013LG Speaker Module
SUSY0028701LG Speaker Module
MTAZ0223601LG Tape
MTAZ0288801LG Tape
MTAZ0224401LG Tape
MTAA0170101LG Tape, Decor
MTAA0170201LG Tape, Decor
MTAF0022401LG Tape, Motor
MTA0267801LG Tape, Protect
MTA0268001LG Tape, Protect
MTA0307401LG Tape, Protect
MTA0315201LG Tape, Protect
MTA0322401LG Tape, Protect
MTA0332601LG Tape, Protect
MTA0404401LG Tape, Protect
MTAC0079901LG Tape, Shield
MTAC0080001LG Tape, Shield
MTAC0083601LG Tape, Shield
MTAD0095701LG Tape, Window
MTAD0095801LG Tape, Window
MI0010001LG Ush, Hinge
AGF0008601LG Utton Assemly, Main
AGG0007801LG Utton Assemly, Su
AGF0008601RLG Utton Assy, Main
MJL0069801LG Utton, Side
MJL0069901LG Utton, Side
MWAF0042701LG Window, Lcd(su)
MWAF0042701RLG Window, Lcd(su)